Welcome in the fantastic world of Magnifico Acquatico: the most innovative show in the last years, set in a marine world and based on capability of our artist, not using animals. We are the european response to the “Circque du Soleil”, a show for all family that in 2 years was seen by more than 3 millions spectators in eight countries. Set in a marvellous, rounded acquarium full of more than 50.000 litres of water, the show tells a story about a clown that accidentally falls into water and, not able to swim, reach the deepest of the sea. Here he discover some adventures, some hard, some funnies. In the deepest of the sea the clown lives a series of adventure full of acrobatics, strength and skill, meeting some magical creatures that dwells in the abyss. From everybody he learns something new and interesting and, with this knowledge, he decide to go back in the air. It’s a simple story in which the simplicity of the characters allow the encounter of the two worlds, living and breathing together, because between them there’s only a language: friendship. There’s not only water in this adventure. This one will be lived also outside water wit all the characters of Magnifico Acquatico. The artists, with all their skill, hypnotism and audacity, will guide and enchant the spectators during the show that last two hours. Lights, sound, music, productions, screenplay, make up and costume design, melt together for to obtain a modern, actual and attractive aesthetic.

The programme includes also 10 high-skill attractions with 30 artists with a common denominator, the promise to perform and original show. And so, under the marquee of the Magnifico Acquatico, between water games and special effects, you could admire the great Human Pyramids made by jumpers, jugglers and by some marvelous contortionist sirens that, all together, will make an armonic pyramid. And also the water motorbikes that with a special tool will launch at high velocity, under the water, some crazy athletes at the trapezium, without forgetting the main characters of the deepest of the sea: turtles, starfishes, jaws, crabs, polyps, jellyfishes, seahorse, that will create such a spectacular show.


Tour Grèce (Grecia)

  • from 01.09. until 11.09 ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑ CHALKIDA

Tour Germany (Germania)

  • 01.10. bis 23.10. FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Festplatz am Ratsweg
  • 26.10. bis 06.11. DUISBURG, Rheinpark/Liebigstraße

27 April 2016
SHOW dal PAPA 2016 ok (10)

Special circus Acquatico show for Pope Francis

January 27, 2016 The artists of  Magnifico Acquatico have given show in St. Peter’s Square for Pope Francis
7 May 2013
Finale 12


26 March 2013
Il dono del circo Acquatico al Papa

Magnifico Acquatico visit the Pope

Pope Benedetto XVI ha grant audience to the Magnifico Acquatico, Zoppis’s family, in Rome. During the meeting, officied in the sala Nervi, the Pope talked to […]